Abuser Intervention

If you or someone you know is an abuser.

This is often the forgotten element to domestic violence. Our New Behaviors Program is a critical component not only in response to sexual assault or domestic violence, but also as a way to begin the change this cycle of violence. The intervention approach we take is based on our strong assumption that violence is a learned behavior and, therefore, can also be unlearned. Many factors can contribute to abuse in relationships, including anger, stress, poor communication, low self esteem, insecurity, substance abuse, financial difficulty, and childhood experiences. In New Behaviors, people who use partner violence receive structured counseling to help them see that even the most challenging of life situations can be handled without resorting to violence. We emphasize the development of self regulation and relationship skills. Counselors are committed to doing whatever they can to establish a collaborative relationship with our clients, believing that behavior change is most likely to happen when a supportive and helping environment exists.

At the core of New Behaviors is a group counseling program that consists of 20 weekly 2-hour sessions. The group format is designed to enhance the motivation to end abusive behavior, provide strategies to cope with anger and difficult relationship conflicts, and develop constructive relationship skills such as active listening, nonaggressive communications, and effective problem solving.

New Behaviors is an AIP in Howard County certified by the Family Violence Council of the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention.

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