Poetry N2 Wellness & Action

Poetry N2 Wellness & Action Workshops

Discovery Workshop Woman

Throughout life we encounter times of personal stress e.g., job loss, failed relationships, illness, or struggles with life direction.  Even positive changes – marriage, parenthood, retirement – can cause tension.

HopeWorks’ Poetry N2 Wellness & Action workshops use the power of words to encourage healing, community-building, cultural shifts, liberation and celebration.

Poetry offers a pathway into reflection; opportunity to creatively resolve and renew.

In a small group setting, we explore topics such as stress, gender roles, trust, joy, justice, stigma, and relationships through expressive activities like writing, collaging and music.

The Poetry N2 Wellness & Action workshops are interactive, using a modality called Transformative Language Arts, an academic field focused on social and personal change through the power of the written, spoken or sung word. Through creative activities – writing, art, music – as well as sharing with others, participants will discover inner strength, process feelings and move towards transformation.

HopeWorks offers Poetry N2 Wellness & Action workshops to individuals interested in personal growth.  Through creative exercises in a group setting, participants gain insight as well as share observations and experiences to help others.  The objective of these sessions is to improve self-understanding in order to create a more fulfilling life.

Issues that can be explored in Poetry N2 Wellness & Action Workshops include:

  • support during difficult times
  • personal discovery
  • community building
  • exploration of dreams and ambitions
  • gender or sexual orientation
  • race and ethnicity
  • values clarification
  • addressing injustice
  • family relationships
  • cultivation of creativity
  • relaxation and stress relief
  • unhealthy relationships
  • addressing societal stigma

Programs are offered at the HopeWorks Columbia office and are open to the general public and to survivors who are out of crisis.