The Women’s Circle

The Women’s Circle

Th womens circle with group

…a place where we can nurture ourselves and our relationships, in a venue where we can explore issues that are important to us, in a space that empowers us…

  • Creative Arts Sessions
  • Book Discussions
  • Poetry Readings
  • Film Screenings

The Women’s Circle is a women’s group that meets several times a year to learn, enjoy and connect. In the program, women will focus on enhancing emotional wellness, through simple tips and activities to appreciate themselves, find their balance and purpose, and connect with others.

The Women’s Circle will nurture emotional wellness through activities to —

Appreciate Oneself: building self-confidence; building self-esteem; setting expectations; taking care of yourself; thinking positively; making time for activities you enjoy; and learning skills to cope with difficult emotions and situations.

Find Balance and Purpose: learning about yourself; developing a purpose statement; setting goals; being able to change; learning how to deal positively with stress; increasing confidence; and nurturing the spirit.

Connect with Others: learning about healthy relationships; examining relationship power dynamics; learning about empathy and its importance in relationships; learning about healthy boundaries; developing patience; being safe in relationships, and helping others in need.

Joining the Women’s Circle

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