Advocates are here for survivors.

Advocates provide compassionate support, assistance and referrals to sexual, dating and domestic violence, and stalking survivors for basic needs such as shelter, food, clothing and transportation. They can also provide assistance and support with the medical and criminal legal process. The services provided by our advocates are based on trauma-informed, victim-centered and empowerment models.

We recognize that each individual has the capacity to make choices and decisions about their own lives. The purpose of our advocates is to meet each survivor where they are and work together to facilitate this decision-making process. This process is unique to the individual and their experiences.

Advocates also assist with applying for victim compensation if the assault has been reported to law enforcement; however victims of sexual assault, dating and domestic violence can use advocacy services whether or not they report the crime.

Advocates are available Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm
9770 Patuxent Woods, Drive, Ste. 300
Columbia, MD 21046

If you need to speak with someone outside of our office hours, call the 24 hour Sexual, Dating and Domestic Violence Helpline at 410.997.2272 or 1-800-752-0191.