Your rights

What are your rights?

As a survivor of sexual assault you have certain rights. A HopeWorks advocate will be able to review the following rights with you in further detail.

In Maryland, all victims of crime have the right to:

  • Be treated with dignity, respect and sensitivity.
  • Be informed of your rights.
  • Be notified of crisis intervention and counseling services.
  • Be notified of  domestic violence and sexual assault programs and support groups.
  • Be notified of criminal injuries compensation and other social services available.
  • Be informed on how to apply for services.
  • Be told of protection available to you and how to obtain protection.
  • Be informed by the State’s Attorney of the arrest of a suspect and closing of the criminal case.
  • Be notified of court hearings and offender custody status.
  • Be present and heard at criminal justice proceedings.
  • Seek restitution from the offender(s).

In Maryland, victims seeking medical attention have the right to:

  • Be considered an emergency patient with special needs.
  • Speak with police and medical personnel.
  • A forensic medical exam even if you choose not to involve the police.
  • Be taken to a quiet, private area for a medical/forensic examination.
  • Be informed about and offered emergency contraception, if there is a risk of pregnancy.
  • Have initial and follow-up tests performed if there is a risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and be offered medication.
  • Be informed about HIV/AIDS testing and be referred to free, confidential testing.
  • Have all injuries treated.

You have the right to survive and thrive, which means that you have the right to request that which you need to transition from victim to survivor.

For more information about your legal rights, contact our Legal Services Department.